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Uluwatu is no longer just for surfing…..
Pizzeria Italia was born from an  intense passion of Bali. 
Three Boys in love with Bali and its waves, still holding close to their hearts the passion for the unique flavours of their land…. ITALY. 
In order to combine their love of Bali and their love of food they combined pleasure and a notion for something different here in Bukit, home of the most beautiful waves on the planet. 
The great prices does not compromise the great quality of the food. 
A very warm and relaxing enviroment with a great service were you can enjoy a meal with friends and family.
Recently a second floor was inaugurated which can hold functions and parties.
At Pizzeria Italia we garantee  quality ingredients and service to ensure that our customers will feel like at home!
From this combination of love and passion for Bali and food we  made ourselves a name as a well proved restaurant to visit in Uluwatu. 
Not only are the waves are worth a visit but also a well  established icon like...... 

Pizzeria Italia. 

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        Uluwatu  +6281 238596913  - Ungasan  +6281 237790263
        For orders by whatsapp please make sure we received and read your message​ 
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